Sunday, August 30, 2009

Extremely Helpful Reference On Abuse

AM I BAD? Recovering From Abuse (New Horizons in Therapy)

Author Heyward Bruce Ewart III
Publisher Loving Healing Press
Find Your Way to Freedom Today!

I used to be a social worker, and dealt with cases of abuse on a regular basis. It is an unfortunate fact of life that abuse is prevalent today, and has been for some time. I do know that things have changed slightly for the better, as understanding of the effects of abuse have significantly improved. That said, much remains to be done.

Perhaps one of the toughest parts of dealing with clients, abused, abuser, and family members of both; is getting them to understand the far reaching consequences of abuse. The author, Heyward Ewart III, does an excellent job of illustrating just what some of these consequences are for all involved. Through the use of case studies, discussion and review of psychological theory, and information of on-going research; the author offers hope of healing and working through the abuse for all involved.

There are numerous tests, checklists and questionnaires included. These are extremely useful to the layperson, qualified counselor, student and family members. Anyone in the field of psychotheraphy or counseling will find this book extremely helpful. Some of the areas, of course, are simply review of theory and information already known widely. But even for the long-term counselor there is new information to be gleaned. I consider this work to be an important new addition to the field of study of abuse. If you have a family member who has suffered abuse, or been abused yourself, you will find much here to help you.

I admire the author's ability to speak to all levels of interested people who will be reading this book. I think no one will be confused, or feel that he is talking "down" to you, or dumbing down the info to make it easier to understand. His forthright manner and detailed writing style will make this book informative and useful to anyone in the field or with an interest in the long term effects of abuse.

It is definitely a book that will be referred to again and again by all users. I look forward to reading additional material by this author.

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