Friday, August 14, 2009

Perfect Murder? If He'd Kept His Mouth Shut, Maybe!

Author Gary C. King
Publisher Pinnacle

Author Gary C. King is truly a master at the true crime genre. Join him as he tells the story of a hard-pushing political powerhouse, Kathy Marie Augustine. She pushed her way through the "good old boy network" in the Nevada legislature, rising at the time of her death to the elected position of State Comptroller. A nationally known political figure, her death made headlines around the country. Even bigger headlines followed, when it was discovered she was brutually murdered, and who the culprit was.I recall following the case on Dateline, the Nancy Grace Show, and 48 hours. As a true crime buff, I was fascinated by it. I was anxious to find out more, and the author of this book definitely did not disappoint me.

Kathy's killer thought his plan was foolproof. Had he kept his mouth shut, it just might have been foolproof. Choosing a poison that left no physical evidence behind , Kathy's husband, critical care nurse Chaz Higgins, had seemingly pulled off the perfect murder. Kathy had been a political powerhouse, a beautiful, wealthy and sexy woman. It was easy for friends of the couple to see how Chaz had fallen for her. Her domineering attitiude eventually got the best of Chaz, and rather than risk losing the "good life", he committed murder. Were it not for a hardworking Nevada detective, the case would never have been solved. Chaz Hggins made a thoughtless comment to a coworker, and that coworker had a good memory. If not for the continual questioning and probing, the detective may never have heard a report of the comment Chaz made.

Go beind the healines to a story even more riveting than the best work of fiction. Gary King brings details to light that were unmentioned previously, and his insight is very helpful and adds much to the story. I look forward to reading many more books by this author!

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