Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yes Virginia, Men Are Pigs....sometimes

Every Man Sees You Naked: An Insider's Guide to How Men Think

David M. Matthews


Yes Virginia, men can be pigs. But didn't we already know that? Written with truth, humor and more than a bit of satire and pathos, author David Matthews tells us that what we already thought is true; to some degree. Then he further clarifies the why for us all. In an enteraining and enjoyable way, he explains why they think this way, and perhaps how women may also be at fault for this thought process. As a woman, you either know it, accept it and work with and around it, or you spend a lifetime looking for something that doesn't really seem to exist.

Does he paint men as shallow, sex-driven critters? Yes. Does this reflect poorly on them? Sure. While many women and probably some men will be insulted and consider this to be a step back for us all, taking exception to everything written; even more of us will laugh and recognize our loved ones and ourselves within. And what's wrong with laughing at human nature now and then? I loved this book, and wish I had come across it years ago, back when I was young, naive and innocent (ok, maybe I was never that naive or innocent)but it can help you take the blinders off and look at the game of relationships and the dating game in a more realistic manner. I heartily recommend it to anyone with a sense of humor about life.

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