Thursday, August 13, 2009

Does the Bible and Science Go Hand In Hand?

Coils of the Serpent
AuthorRaymond Clark Lutz
PublisherInfinity Publishing

I absolutely could not put this book down! The characters were finely drawn, and the action was nonstop. I was extremely impressed by the intense research the author did in putting this novel together. I found myself fascinated, and taking notes throughout. I actually pulled out a bible and did comparison readings, right along with the 3 main characters.As if the actual story of the scientic inquiry of the bible wasn't enough, there is a concurrent story that will also hold you in it's grasp. I actually forgot I was reading a story at some points, and raced along to find out what happened next. If you enjoy thinking and reading at the same time, as well as reading just for pleasure, then this book is definitely for you. Regardless of where you place yourself in the debate of science/evolution versus literal translation of the bible, you will find much to think about in this book. I highly recommend it to anyone who has grappled with these issues, and I am sure that you will find yourself questioning your previous thinking on the subject. I certainly did, and did not expect to. The richly drawn characters, well thought out and researched plot, and the questions raised will remain with you long after you finish the book.

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