Saturday, August 29, 2009

Love, Lies & Murder

Author Gary C. King
Publisher Pinnacle

A successful lawyer, Perry March married the beautiful daughter of one of the most powerful attorneys in Nashville. Through his wife Janet, Perry won a position in his father—in—law's firm and joined the city's social elite. The couple raised two children in a mansion that Janet designed.......

As with the other books I have read by this author, I was hooked from page one.

As a true crime junkie, I follow television, internet, newspaper coverage of these cases with great interest. I personally believe that NO OTHER WRITER covers the intricacies of these cases like this author. A word of warning, if you tend to be a "big picture" reader, you will find this book too detail oriented. For those of us who follow these cases closely, we crave this level of detail. Nothing fascinates me more than learning indepth about the working of the criminal mind, what the killer was thinking, why he did what he did, and how he tries to extricate himself from the crime. Additionally, the police procedural work, the courtroom theatrics, etc., all add tremendously to the details of the whole case. Nothing clarifies the actual case like words taken directly from the mouths of the involved....the criminal (or the accused), the victim or survivors, the families and friends of both, and the law enforcement officials involved.

I recommend this book and author to anyone who needs the details of the cases

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