Saturday, August 29, 2009

Something for Everyone, A Personal Favorite Book

A Pig In The Rumble Seat
AuthorEdward Hujsak
PublisherMina-Helwig Publishing Company

I absolutely loved this book! Thank goodness I don't have to choose a favorite story, I would be hard pressed to do so. All in all, a delightful collection that includes poetry, memoirs of the author's life ranging from tales during the depression to space rocket launches, his work developing the Atlas and Centaur, some fascinating science fiction and even contemporary tales.Mr. Hujsak has a way with words and language that gives the reader the impression of being on the scene for each tale. I found some of them sad, some touching, some laugh out loud funny. In fact, I even read the titular story out loud to my husband, and we both laughed throughout. Perhaps a more glowing recommendation would be that my husband, a total non-reader, actually read several of the stories and enjoyed them. In fact, the book is on his bedside table. He actually plans to read more of it; without me twisting his arm or using other methods of force. I think we are fortunate indeed, that this talented fellow has chosen to share his stories and memories with all of us. There is truly something for everyone in this book.

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