Sunday, October 4, 2009

Well Written, Engaging, Enjoyable-Water Landing

Water Landing
Author: Jonathan Slusher
Publisher: Cow Chip Press

Pretty often, the day to day grind of lfe gets in the way of really living it. Unfulfilled dreams, relationships, life-long goals etc., can often take a backseat to the day to day. Usually, we need a real wake-up call to become aware of this.

In this novel, our main character, Lukas Kettle, is doing just that. He wants to write, but is working a lab job to make ends meet. His last relationship was several years ago; he still hasn't moved on. In fact, he still sees her everyday at work. He reconnects with a childhood friend, Sara, and they seem headed to a real relationship. Only one problem, Sara is suffering from cancer, and has a few months left to live. Jonathan Slusher, the author of Water Landing, uses a really interesting technique of story telling. Going back in time, he recounts the relationship with Sara, and lets us in on the daydreams and hopes that Lukas pins on this relationship. Near the end of her life, Sara cuts herself off from Lukas, leaving him without closure on the relationship, with only his fantasies of making it work left to him.

Lukas travels back to his hometown for Sara's funeral, and to hook up with some old highschool buddies. In the process, he reviews his life and where circumstances have gotten him thus far.

Told with excellent insight and tenderness, Jonathan Slusher has written a novel that stays with the reader after finishing it. You'll examine your life, and possibly look at things from a different slant after reading. You come to care about Lukas, and mourn Sara's passing with him. I could not put this book down, I found it captivating, well written and satisfying. I look forward to more work by this very promising author.

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