Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Stunning Characters, At Turns Hilarious, Raw and Heartbreaking

Author: Sam Moffie
Publisher: Xlibris

Sam Moffie has gifted readers with a really outstanding and unusual read. In great detail and marvelous characterization, he shares a wealth of imaginative and unique life stories of three fantastically eccentric characters. All three of these characters share the same therapist. This therapist has a great impact on all of them, in most unexpected ways.

The stories told by our characters range from hilarious, sweet, sentimental to horrifying and heartbreaking and every feeling in between. Seymour, Constance and Irving come from three different cities (Steubenville Ohio, Boardman Ohio and Brookline Massachusetts) and three extremely different family backgrounds and dynamics.

Totally original and somewhat complex, the tale takes readers to an ending in New York City. Moffie is a talented storyteller, and brings all the gifts of his craft to this wonderful work of fiction. I can't recommend it highly enough!

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