Monday, October 12, 2009

The Go-To Book for Alternative/Complementary Health Therapies

A truly complete guide to complementary and alternative health therapies

UnBreak Your Health
Author: Alan E. Smith
Publisher: Loving Healing Press

During these trying economic times, more and more people are looking into complementary and alternative medicine to help them deal with stress related and other ailments, diseases and medical conditions. Besides the use of Western, or traditional medicine, there is a growing interest in the use of alternative therapies. Many people are intimidated by the wide variety of alternative/complementary medical processes and procedures that exist. There is a wealth of information available, not all of it is reliable, and people are unsure where to start researching, and question whether they should even try.

This book is probably the most useful reference I have seen in this large field of study. It's exhaustively researched, and contains information that ranges from A to Z on the spectrum of alternative medicine. It's written in an easy to understand style, and is set up in a very useful format. I especially appreciated the various comments garnered from people who have actually used these treatments, and their opinions and results. In addition to being a great overall reference, it's a great manual for people just beginning to look into these therapies. Additionally, there are available podcasts and interviews with leaders and researchers in this growing field of medicine.

If you have researched alternative and complementary medicine at all, you know that the field is crowded with books and publications, and knowing where to begin your research is daunting, to say the least. Often, traditional medical providers are less than helpful in this area, and the patient is left floundering on their own in trying to understand what is available to them. I think this book has a place on the reference shelves of anyone interested in better understanding this field, and would be invaluable to any beginner in starting their study of the field. In fact, I think this book can easily replace 5 or 6 other books on my shelves, a testimony to it's comprehensive coverage of alternative and complementary therapies. I discovered great information on age old practices, as well as information on brand new therapies that are not available elsewhere.

Any one interested in taking a more active role in the health and wellbeing of themselves and family members could greatly benefit from this comprehensive work. I applaud this author for a truly groundbreaking reference on an important subject for us all.

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