Sunday, September 27, 2009

Now for something Different.......

Finding the Moon in Sugar

Author: Gint Aras
Publisher: Infinity

Written in a most unusual style; I found this book to be a real winner. The author, writing as our narrator and hero, Andrew Nowak, uses the language (profanity and poor grammar) that we would expect from a stoner and aimless drifter. I thought that was a great touch, although it did make it a bit more difficult at first. It just took me a little time to get into the style of the writing, but once I did, it added realism and a certain sort of grace to the story and the character.

Our hero, Andrew, is a down on his luck pot smoker and dealer, with the dysfunctional family that tends to go along with that lifestyle. I really loved the character of his Grandma, and actually enjoyed his Mom, who would be great on either the Jerry Sprenger show or an episode of Maury. I can enjoy characters without liking them, personally. However, I know some readers have a difficult time with characters that seem unlikeable. That may lead some people to have objections to the storyline. I would recommend they try to look past that, because the tale here is a gem.

Andrew mets up with a beautiful woman in a laundromat, where he waiting for his "connection" to arrive. His appointed purchaser is running late, and he and Audra, the woman strike up a conversation. She makes him an interesting proposition, and Andrew goes home with her for a little bit of boy-toy prostitution. She's beautiful, mysterious and wealthy. Needless to say, our hero falls for her in a big way. She's come to this country from Lithuania, as a mail order bride. When she takes off for her country of birth, Andrew is heartbroken. Using the logic only a stoner/idiot would have, he decides to come up with the money to follow her, and win her undying love.

Of course, Andrew hasn't thought this through very well. Upon his arrival in her hometown of Vilnuis, he realizes that he hasn't a clue how to find her, much less win her back. He finds a cheap place to stay, and decides to try his hand at detective work. He finds a bar and new friends to get high with; and through a comedy of errors manages to hook up with his beloved Audra.

Away from the stablizing forces of her husband and life in the US, Audra has returned to her real self-narcisistic, self absorbed, and spiraling out of control. Andrew finally realizes this, after numerous strange and weird, sometimes sad and alternately hilarious twists and turns. He decides to return to America, but needs some cash. From there, things take even larger unexpected turns, and change his life in a way he could never have imagined.

I took some interesting insights into human nature from this tale. It illustrates the sadness and aimlessness of some lives, and the amazing transformation that falling in love with the proper person can bring to a messed up soul. A very unusual story, written in an entertaining and provocative manner. While this book will not suit everyone, I think many people, myself included, will enjoy the unexpected direction and oddball characters.

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