Friday, September 25, 2009

Like Suspense? Read this book, It'll keep you up all night!

Author Rick Wallace
Publisher Infinity Pub

Imagine planning your retirement for years. You are looking for an isolated, remote lake front property, building your own cabin, spending your golden years enjoying your spouse, your dog, fishing, boating and the great and beautiful outdoors.

This is where the story of Tim and Joan Henry begins. The couple, both educators, are searching for their dream property. Tim has just retired, and Joan is finishing up a final year. They despair finding a nice property that has everything they want at a price they can afford. Tim finds an ad for a property that sounds exactly right. It is being sold by a man who's father owned it and passed away. The son is anxious to get rid of the property, and the price is excellent. Tim can't believe their good fortune. Joan, trusting her intuition, thinks something is not quite right........and they soon discover she is correct. Was the former owner murdered? Is the local sheriff right in his belief that it was a drug ring, and the fellow was just in wrong place at the wrong time, or is there more to it than that? What about all the crazy stories Tim hears from local store owner, Ike? Not to mention a case of arson and mass murder some 50 years ago.

As Joan and Tim confront odd happenings and scary situations, they begin to wonder if they made the right decision........and if they can survive long enough to figure it all out.

The story is well written. I loved the descriptions of the property, the lake, the local characters and just the over all feeling of the author's view of Maine. The characters are well drawn, and extremely likeable. The plot is great, and moves to a climax that was unexpected, to say the least. At times, I thought I had it figured out, and the with a bit of foreshadowing, I was partially on track.

I think anyone who enjoys a good mystery would like this story. I really enjoyed it, and look forward to reading more from this author.

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