Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Death For Beauty
Author Alberto Rios Arias
Publisher Freedom Rivers Books

It is not often that I read a novel that I would personally consider to be a masterpiece. Alberto Rios Arias has done just that with A Death For Beauty. Making no apologizes for the character and lifestyle of Virginia Mae Mercy, her story is laid bare before the reader. Love her or hate her, you will definitely be moved by the story of her life.

Filled with rich imagery, I was totally enthralled through the whole story, laughing on some occasions, and actually weeping in others. The depth of the author's study and research of the particular time frame in American history is without equal. I found the situations and characters to be true to life, and no effort was made to "sanitize" or make allowances for the characters and their failings.

Life hands some of us some truly horrendous circumstances, and good or bad, we are shaped by them. I found Mr. Arias' ability to see into his character and bring her to life to be extraordinary.

There is a truly magical and redemptive quality to the novel. I found the actual autobiographical information about the author and his fight with Marfan's Syndrome to add an additional depth to the story, and I felt the personal journey of his own life added even more depth and character to his perception of Virginia Mae Mercy. I urge all readers to carefully and thoroughly read both the prologue of the story, and the additional information about the author.

Some readers will find this a difficult read, and in some cases, it is. However, you will find yourself moved and touched by the character of Virginia Mae Mercy in ways you can't truly understand until you read her story.

I strongly urge you read this book. It may very well change how you view certain aspects of life, hardship and death.

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