Sunday, August 1, 2010

Moving On: Life When Your Lover Walks Out

Life After Your Lover Walks Out: A Practical Guide
Author: Lynda Bevan
Publisher: Loving Healing Press
ISBN: 978-1-932690-26-2

Loving Healing Press is definitely the go-to publisher for all things relationship, family, personal motivation, psychology, metapsychology, trauma intervention and self help. Life After Your Lover Walks Out is the first book in the Loving Healing Press 10 Step Empowerment Series. Like all other Loving Healing Press books, this guide does not disappoint.

Lynda Bevan has written what may be the ultimate guide to moving forward when a long term relationship ends. Regardless of whether you or your mate instigated the breakup, you'll be left with numerous unresolved issues and feelings, which can include anger, fear, jealousy and regret, among others. How you resolve these issues is largely dependent on knowing the steps to a healthy resolution and taking these often tough steps forward. This book breaks it down for people of all walks of life and levels of experience.

Step by step, the reader is led through a well planned and comprehensive series of processes. Realistic and practical exercises take the reader through an introspective process, leading from the negative impact of a breakup to figuring out what your expectations really are, what is healthiest for you, and what your real emotions are telling you. The reader will understand what motivates us into healthy/unhealthy relationships, making expectations realistic and giving a sense of closure to the terminated relationship.

Purposely written in a compact style, the book can easily be read from cover to cover in just a couple of hours. It has a workable, non-overwhelming style that can be used by anyone, and would make a great therapeutic tool in any counseling practice. Highly recommended.

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