Sunday, August 1, 2010

Why Good People Make Bad Choices: How You Can Develop Peace of Mind Through Integrity

Why Good People Make Bad Choices:
How You Can Develop Peace of Mind Through Integrity
Author: Charles Lawrence Allen
Publisher: Loving Healing Press
ISBN: 978-1-932690-25-5

This book is a part of Loving Healing Press' New Horizons In Therapy Series, an excellent and diverse series of self help/personal growth books utilizing a wide array of new techniques and ground breaking works in the field of psychology.

Charles L. Allen takes a look at the how and why of the thought processes that lead us to make both and bad choices and decisions. We all do things we know aren't the right choices for us. We may even think we truly want to make better decisions and we may really make attempts to change. A part of us fights the urge to make those healthier decisions or changes for the better.

The author's premise is that how we make decisions is based on our personal ego. Our ego has an agenda of it's own and that agenda isn't always in our best interests. We need to learn the psychological functioning of our ego and how to overcome or control it. The first thing needed to make changes involves thought and personal reflection. We need to decide just what our priorities and our personal belief system consists of. To resolve issues by a personal belief system creates personal integrity and responsibility.

This author does an outstanding job explaining integrity and how to figure out your personal value system. Each chapter contains great, helpful exercises to assist you on your way. With topics including danger, fear of change and intimacy, handling happiness and more. Several appendixes offer additional assistance to work through discovering personal ethics and values, case studies, a self image inventory, an extensive bibliography and very comprehensive index.

While the book is written at an adult level, I think it would also work great as a guidebook for parents helping kids develop a personal value system. Additionally, counselors/therapists will find it invaluable for working with clients. Outstanding reference!

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