Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Must Have for Crisis Counseling..Professional or LayPersons

Coping With Crisis: A Counselor's
Guide to the Restabilization Process
(Book #5 in the Explorations In Metapsychology Series)
Author: Jim Burtles
Publisher: Loving Healing Press
ISBN: 978-1-932690-41-5

The author of this excellent psychology tool, Jim Burtles, has outstanding expertise, background and practical experience in disaster recovery and emergency management, both in the business and professional world; and in working with other experts in crisis recovery as well as trauma survivors.

The rehabilitation and recovery methods covered in this book were originally created and developed in response to helping people handle and react to catastrophic events; they will prove invaluable to both professionals and laypersons working with survivors of any traumatic personal, local, national or international event or crisis.

The volume offers an extremely useful glossary of crisis/trauma/recovery and rehabilitation terminology helpful to readers of all experience levels; as well as very useful indexes and appendices.

Burtles discusses the five common reactions to crisis, the techniques of Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT). REBT is an established documented and proven model to alleviate stress, depression, anxiety and the other resultant issues of trauma and catastrophy, Valuable advice for couselors is covered; as well as an excellent discussion and overview of the "dark serpent theory" of survivor behavior. This dilemma and the resultant treatment suggestions are covered in what I personally believe is the best and most thorough explanation I have seen.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this work to anyone interested in learning more about crisis management, coping and rehabilitation skills and techniques. A very valuable learning tool and reference on an extremely timely and important subject.

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