Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Live A More Authentic, Peaceful and Meaningful Life

Housekeeping for the Soul: A Practical Guide to Restoring Your Inner Sanctuary
Author: Sandra Carrington-Smith
Publisher: O Books
ISBN: 978-1-84694-281-5

Imagine your emotional life and well being as a house, your home. That's the fascinating premise of this book, and it introduces us to a writer with much talent and insight.

We've all passed houses in well-kept neighborhoods that just didn't fit in. Maybe the unmowed lawn got your attention, or curtainless and dirty windows, or maybe just a general state of sadness or disrepair. Perhaps you've noticed the reverse....a home or two in a generally blighted and neglected neighborhood that stands out because of the flower bed in front, or the cleanly swept porch with a rocker, or a welcoming wreath on the front door. You just know that the people in these homes, be they the good or bad, have a different outlook on life and living than the rest of the neighborhood's residences.

One day, you realize that something has thrown your life out of balance. You've succumbed to that culture of chaos so prevalent today. Carrington-Smith has written possibly the most definitive handbook on moving your emotional wellbeing back into balance. Step by step, you will get everything you need, be it how to, self help or spiritual guidance. Consider it seasonal housekeeping for the soul.

The author has written the book in sections and chapters dealing with specific issues that may be a problem for the reader. The exercises are created in a way that allows you to work through each at your own pace. Given the fact that some may be more intense or difficult depending on your situation, this is a book to take slowly and with an open mind. Topics covered include the fear of change, mental clutter, problem avoidance, exploring relationships, moving beyond past experience and mistakes and more. Excellent points are raised, and it's an extremely thought provoking work. Affirmations and famous quotes are thoughtfully selected. I found the author's personal reflections and honesty to be most refreshing. This is a well written and practical book that can help anyone move towards a simpler, more balanced and peaceful life.

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