Sunday, June 27, 2010

Life Skills: Improve The Quality of Your Life With Metapsychology

Life Skills: Improve the Quality of Your Life with
Metapsychology (Explorations in Metapsychology Series)
Author: Marian K. Volkman
Publisher: Loving Healing Press
ISBN: 1-932690-05-0

Applied Metapsychology makes use of one on one sessions to achieve personal goals. Developed by Frank A. Gerbode, MD, it utilizes relieving past pain and trauma and working through personal issues to expand the consciousness of the patient or user . People who study and use Metapsychology report living a fuller and more fulfilled life, with less fear, depression and unhappiness than the general population. By reading and using the detailed information in Marian K. Volkman's book, the reader will be given a concise, indepth and easily understandable grasp of metapsycology, it's value and how it's used.

Written in a manner that will appeal to therapists, laypersons and students, this book will assist the user in more accurately predicting patterns of human behavior and dealing with negative situations, people and behaviors. It's a truly user friendly volume on exapanding personal understanding of your own behavior, motivations, ambitions, deep seated issues, relationship style and communication abilities. She has formatted the book in a way that makes it ideal for group study as well as personal use. While offering a broad background of metapsychology, each aspect is written in extreme detail and ease of understanding and utilization. The author presents a wide and varied wealth of information in easily digestible sections.

Topics of study in this book include quality of life, stress and trauma as a factor in life, understanding emotions and predicting them, improving relationship in all the areas of your life: family, work, friends, etc. I found this book to be really motivational and thought provoking. I know it's one I will turn to again and again as situations arise and problems need resolution. Highly recommended, I look forward to much more from this author.

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