Sunday, March 14, 2010

Women and Aging, Not All Bad!

30 Isn't Old
Author: Colette Petersen
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN: 978-1-4327-3264-6

In today's world, the sexes seem to age differently. Men, as they get older, are referred to as "distinguished", "established" and "silver foxes". The terms used for women are not as nice sounding. An older single woman is often called a "cougar" and as we age we hear terms like "not as young", "looking tired". Unmarried men are "bachelors", and later on, "confirmed bachelors". Women? "old maids" or "spinsters". A single woman is usually too "career driven", but a single man would be "career focused". Biologically, of course, age makes a bigger difference for women. Men can father children in theory well into their 60s or 70s. For women, we need to plan parenthood for earlier on. Many women see 30 as a stress-filled milestone. It's not one we look forward to. We want to be 16, so we can drive, then 18, to graduate high school, and 21 to get into clubs. After 21, it's not nearly as enjoyable to keep track of the years. Statistically, more women enter into psychological therapy at 30 and beyond. Not a real happy proposition, is it?

As author Colette Peterson approached 30, she decided it was time to take a new look at women and attitudes toward aging. She started talking with, surveying and interviewing women of all ages. She's written a wonderful book, written in a conversational and informal style. You can read straight through, or just pick the chapter that pertain to how you feel at a particular time.

Subjects covered are wide ranging, from Fear of Aging, Facing Fear, Loss, Choices, Body Issues, Marriage, Children, Success, Religion, Money and much more. Ms. Peterson takes a caring, friendly and humor-filled look at accepting 30. Whether you are in that age group, above or, ahem, far beyond that stage in life, you'll find much to laugh about, much to learn and lots to enjoy in this charming book.

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  1. I'm not sure some o' the older than 50 is very funny, hahaha!